In memory of Professor L.L.Kolesnikov

L. L. Kolesnikov (August 4, 1940 - August 26, 2018)

L. L. Kolesnikov graduated from the Moscow Medical and Dental Institute, now Moscow state medical and dental University (MGMSU) in 1964 and got his professional Master's degree in  maxillofacial surgery. He  was working in the Department of human anatomy of this university as an Assistant Professor  since 1965,  senior lecturer - 1969, Associate Professor - 1975, Professor and Chair of Anatomy department - 1990. In 1969 he obtained his PhD and in  1990 he was awarded  Doctor of Medical Sciences degree. Kolesnikov L. L.  is a world-renowned scientist in the field of morphology of  digestive system. He contributed to investigation of  mechanisms of  achalasia of the cardia, cardiospasm, spastic and atonic colitis and demonstrated general and specific structural patterns  of the sphincter apparatus of the digestive tract. In the monograph "Human sphincter apparatus" (2000) he for the first time presented a complete list and classification of sphincters in the human body. He is also famous for his studies on  dental anatomy, morphology of the digestive tract, different aspects of anatomical terminology and medical antropology, digital  innovations in medical education .

 In the 80s, L. L. Kolesnikov was invited to teach Anatomy at the Kabul University (Afganistan) where he worked for 4 years,  established an advanced  modern  Department of human anatomy and  published a two-volume "Manual on human anatomy" in Farsi.

 He is a co-author of the international anatomical Nomenclature (1998). He was a chief editor of the 3-lingual "Iinternational anatomical terminology" published in 2003. He launched the edition of the "Morphological Newsletter" (Morfologicheskie Vedomosti) which was the first scientific edition of the All-Russian Scientific  Society of Anatomists,Histologists and Embryologists (ARSSAHE)

 He served the international anatomical community for many years with great dignity and dedication. He was the big supporter of International Federation of Association of Anatomists (IFAA) and European Federation of Experimental Morphology (EFEM).  

Professor L. L. Kolesnikov is the author of 250 research papers, more than 10 monographs and textbooks on human anatomy. Six doctorate and twelve  PhD theses were defended under his supervision. His was having broad international linkages and promoting Russian anatomical science and education all over the world. He always generously shared his experience, knowledge and linkages with his colleagues. 

He died after a long-lasting disease.  In spite of being seriosly ill in his last years he never lost his brilliant sense of humour, passion for anatomy and anatomical research. He was respected and admired by his fellow anatomists and students, and loved by his friends. 

Lev Lvovich Kolesnikov is an outstanding person who will be missed and remembered forever.